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#joinus in 2020!!! 

ISBG recently launched a new membership campaign which offers new services and benefits for members and donors.

We can assist you by mediating and communicating your interests to your target market as well as working alongside in creating interesting business opportunities:

  • Scouting for partnerships and opportunities 
  • Increased visibility and brand recognition 
  • Organise and coordinate events in conjunction with the main organisers both in Italy and KSA
  • Themed business exchange visits 
  • Targeted networking activities 
  • Legal business support via our members and partners in Italy and KSA

Work is underway to launch our new Member’s Portal. From this area Members will be able to manage their profile, illustrate their services and products linked to their corporate website. In due time we will allow members and donors to connect and collaborate through dedicated communities.

Upcoming Newsletter

This year ISBG’s newsletter will be even more interesting than the previous, rich of events, insights and interviews with very interesting figures belonging to KSA's international Community. We will talk about you!! and your interest in business, culture, sport as well as lifestyle.

Our newsletter is far reached, distributed to over 2000 friends of Italy. Make your voice be heard!!!

Italian Supercoppa  - Backstage stories

All the backstage updates regarding the most anticipated Italian Soccer Final in Riyadh. ISBG was involved in the logistics and pre-game activities and will be bringing you a special interview with the woman behind Lazio’s Marketing. Want to discover more about the sport business in KSA? Follow us!

Italian Food and Cuisine promotional and educational initiative

We are working to bring you a taste of Italy!! ISBG wants to get you to taste some of the most appreciated Italian delicatessen worldwide. Parmigiano Reggiano, not all the same… a carbonara? Why not!!! All the right ingredients soon to be experimented in KSA.


Ever thought about a magical wedding in an ancient Italian castle, or why not a Renascence Mansion in Tuscany? Maybe a more relaxed ceremony in the Apuglia’s countryside, surrounded by Trulli!!

All this is now possible through ISBG network!! More information to come

Stay Tuned and have a Happy New Year from ISBG!   


If you are a business owner or professional operating in Italy and Saudi Arabia, joining ISBG will offer the following advantages:

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Prestige
  • Market Visibility
  • Networking Platform

Membership is open to businesses and professionals operating in Italy and Saudi Arabia. For more information please contact us at info@italianbusinessgroup.net 


An innovative strategy for the integrated promotion of Italy abroad realized by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, to encourage dialogue, innovation and social and economic growth. And with the evocative name of "Living Italian Style" is to stress the intention to combine the beauty and poetry to every living dimension, creating and producing.


ISBG has signed an agreement with Studio Righini, a major consulting, chartered accounting and international corporate law advisory firm in Italy, to facilitate opening the Italian market for Saudi entrepreneurs in various business sectors and industries.

The collaboration with Studio Righini allows us access into ACB Group network, an Italian nationwide consulting service which pioneered the “business aggregation” model as a mode of organization that helps small and medium entities to maintain competitive advantage.


Internationalization goes beyond the marketing of products and services on a global stage: It is a strategy choice that needs a deep reflection on the current model of a company and about its future model and role that want to play in the global market. 

ISBG Facilitate the SME’s approach to internationalization processes for the growth of the entrepreneurial class and businesses.



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About ISBG

The Italian Saudi Business Group (ISBG) is an Italian private non-for-profit business association that operates in Saudi Arabia under the patronage of the Italian Consulate General and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah