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The past year has witnessed profound changes in the society and economy of Saudi Arabia. Many have been caught by surprise by the sudden shift in Saudi Arabia‘s policies, and within this context, enterprises and their stakeholders need to nurture their ability to adapt. Adaptation becomes an increasingly essential skill to survive in a market that is abruptly trying to align with European and international ones. 

The processes of internationalization of companies is now a reality supported by political and economic directives from both the Italian and Saudi Arabian governments. IBG has long been engaged in seeking the collaboration of institutional and professional bodies that work to bring Italian and Saudi SMEs closer to the internationalization process.

For IBG, internationalization means activating synergies and entrepreneurial collaborations of high substance among matching Italian and Saudi partners. Mutual collaborations and the sharing of annexed strategies can and will result in the efficient exchange of know-how and the growth of the company’s performance. The above-mentioned benefits may be achieved through clear and well-structured accords among the parties and the stakeholders, with the result of enriching the mutual entrepreneurial culture. One of the goals of IBG is to reach out to young Saudi entrepreneurs and provide them with the necessary information about internationalization, with examples of successful case studies and the expertise on how to effectively implement the processes at the level of SMEs and startups.

One of the means by which IBG is nurturing the trend of Internalization is the agreement with Studio Righini, a legal and business consultancy firm in Verona. Studio Righini specializes in internationalization processes and is connected to a high-end professional network throughout Italy. This first step taken by IBG has enabled a valuable offering to its members with the opportunity to engage with a highly reliable and knowledgeable partner.

I also want to mention the meeting that was successfully organized by IBG with SACE in September 2017. It was another breakthrough; the essential message about internationalization was delivered, but it was also obvious that it is necessary to continue working in this direction to deliver a clear and tangible plan of action. 

Lately, I have also closely followed for IBG the re-activation of the Saudi-Italian Business Council, and we have welcomed the appointment of Mr. Mazen Saleh as its president.

In October, I attended the first Italian-Arab Business Forum, which took place in Milan and was organized by the Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce (JIAC). JIAC has recently been recognized by the Italian government.

In December, I also attended the Italy-Saudi Arabia Business Forum organized on the sidelines of the inter-governmental bilateral commission. 

All of this constitutes a further signal and a push toward more active cooperation between the two countries in promoting and supporting the internationalization processes.

The commitment of IBG for this year will continue in this sense, with networking business meeting projects on internationalization that see at its core young entrepreneurs together with involved professionals and personalities, both Italian and Saudi.

At the same time, and despite an inevitable market slowdown, we will continue our commitment to promoting the “Italian” businesses of our members despite being aware of the difficulties of the moment.

I renew my thanks to HE Elisabetta Martini for her commitment to the Consulate General of Jeddah and to all IBG members for their trust and support.

Wishing all of you a positive and productive year.

Bashar Jabban


If you are a business owner or professional operating in Italy and Saudi Arabia, joining IBG will offer the following advantages:

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Prestige
  • Market Visibility
  • Networking Platform

Membership is open to businesses and professionals operating in Italy and Saudi Arabia. For more information please contact us at info@italianbusinessgroup.net 


An innovative strategy for the integrated promotion of Italy abroad realized by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, to encourage dialogue, innovation and social and economic growth. And with the evocative name of "Living Italian Style" is to stress the intention to combine the beauty and poetry to every living dimension, creating and producing.


IBG has signed an agreement with Studio Righini, a major consulting, chartered accounting and international corporate law advisory firm in Italy, to facilitate opening the Italian market for Saudi entrepreneurs in various business sectors and industries.

The collaboration with Studio Righini allows us access into ACB Group network, an Italian nationwide consulting service which pioneered the “business aggregation” model as a mode of organization that helps small and medium entities to maintain competitive advantage.


Internationalization goes beyond the marketing of products and services on a global stage: It is a strategy choice that needs a deep reflection on the current model of a company and about its future model and role that want to play in the global market. 

IBG Facilitate the SME’s approach to internationalization processes for the growth of the entrepreneurial class and businesses.


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About IBG

The Italian Business Group (IBG) is a private non-for-profit business association that operates under the patronage of the Italian Consulate General and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah